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5 reasons why spring is a good time to grind out a stump!

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5 reasons why spring is a good time to grind out a stump!

5 reasons why spring is a good time to grind out a stump!

Springtime is a great season for outdoor projects, such as grinding out a stump. Here are five reasons why spring is an ideal time to tackle this task:

1. Temperature – The optimal temperature range for tackling the job of stump grinding is between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring weather often falls within that range, making it an ideal time to complete the job.

2. Ground Softness – The softer soil of springtime makes it easier to grind out a stump and move machinery around, as opposed to winter months when the ground is harder due to colder temperatures.

3. Vegetation – Homeowners often want to remove stumps to clear space for new landscaping projects. Springtime is ideal due to the increased availability of plants and trees in nurseries, so homeowners can fill the cleared area with something more attractive after grinding out their stump.

4. Moisture – The moisture present in springtime helps soften the dirt around a stump, which makes it easier to grind the roots and lift them out.

5. Growing Season – Spring is the beginning of a new growing season, which makes it easier to restore life to an area after grinding out a stump than at other times during the year. Homeowners can quickly replant grass or other vegetation in the cleared space as soon as they finish grinding away the stump.

Overall, springtime is an ideal time to grind out a stump due to the milder temperatures and softer ground, making it easier to tackle the task. Additionally, homeowners can quickly restore life to the cleared area after grinding by taking advantage of the beginning of a new growing season. Finally, there is more vegetation available in nurseries, allowing homeowners to quickly fill the space after grinding. With all these benefits, springtime is an excellent time of year for grinding out a stump.

Bradford Stump Grinding has been grinding stumps since 2004 and we look forward to each new customer that we meet! Your job is important to us and we will be courteous, thorough, and quick to complete the job for you. Our fleet of grinders and operators is ready to grind stump after stump. Just give us a call to get started.

Our typical customer has one stump so we have a low minimum cost of $80 per job. Gas is pricey and we use it a lot. We charge $20 per bush stump. We keep it affordable so you don’t break the bank over one little stump.

 If you have a project, such as building construction, driveway, lawn grading, sewer, or waterproofing we have the experience to understand what is needed and expected. That way the project can be completed with the least amount of complications and effort by you or your contractor. Time is money and we know you need to get jobs done!

We take pride in doing the job correctly the first time so you can get the next step started. Whether it’s Concrete or lawn Installation. We use techniques when grinding that allow us to separate most stump material from the dirt as possible so that the dirt you are left with can be used as a base layer before adding new dirt for seed. It simplifies cleanup, reduces waste, and reduces the costs to fix the lawn.

 We have a great reputation and exceptional ratings with Thumbtack and Home Advisor/Angi’s List and all our customers. The 5-star rating is the standard and you can expect it.