Stump grinding Cleveland, Ohio



A typical grind for us is to leave a refined mulch pile in a tidy mound next to the grind area. We grind out one side of the root flare first to ensure we have completed one side of the stump and then regrade the dirt. We then grind the stump out and segregate the mulch into a pile where the grinding has already been completed. After reaching appropriate depth we will then grind out the remaining root flare and back drag the mostly dirt back into the stump area. This allows for acknowledgment that the stump has a properly completed width and depth and reduces the amount of dirt to be added for reseeding. Dirt is expensive and time consuming. We regrade the lawn with our grinder and it reduces your finish work and costs by $80-$500 and it looks great!

re-seeding Cleveland, Ohio


Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding

Grind them deeper for cheaper right! We take stumps to a proper depth required for the project at hand. Although stump depth varies, Typical lawn stumps are ground 6-8” below the level grade.That might be from the base of the stump or from the base of the root flare. Because Each stump is different, we need to see it and know what you are doing after the stump is out so it is done correctly. Concrete, excavation or replanting of trees increases the depth to a complete grind out in most cases. It can be done! Tell us your needs and we will figure out a plan.



We grind out the roots, which is as important, as the the stump itself. Anyone can grind out the middle of the stump but the roots is where the lawn war is won. Being able to regrade the lawn to original grade is extremely important to us. We want your lawn to be pitched correctly and drain and look like a stump was never there! Going wider is better and we make sure to chase the roots and grind up the root mound and leave you with a flat area to rebuild to your standard, A blank canvas!

Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding


Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding
Easy cleanup!
Our segregated mulch pile is light and easy to move! The mulch can be reused in landscape beds or make new beds! The reseed area requires less dirt replacement and less settling time to get the lawn repaired. Quicker seed germination and higher success rate. We also can help with cleanup!