Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding


Efficient Stump Grinding:Saving Time,Money,and Enhancing Your Lawn.


Our typical process involves leaving a neatly piled mound of refined mulch beside the grinding area. Initially, we grind one side of the root flare to ensure completion on that side of the stump, followed by regrading the soil. Subsequently, we grind out the stump and place the mulch in a designated area where grinding is already finished. Once we reach the appropriate depth, we proceed to grind out the remaining root flare and redistribute the loosened soil back into the stump area. This method ensures the stump is adequately sized and reduces the need for additional soil, which is costly and time-consuming. Our approach not only saves you money—reducing finishing costs by $80-$500—but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.”


Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding

Grind Deeper, Save More! We ensure stumps are ground to the necessary depth for each specific project. While stump depths vary, typical lawn stumps are ground 6-8 inches below ground level, measured from either the stump base or root flare base. Because every stump is unique, we assess each one individually to understand your post-grinding plans and ensure precise execution.

For projects involving concrete, excavation, or tree replanting, we adjust our grinding depth to ensure a thorough removal in most cases. Whatever your requirements, share them with us, and we’ll devise a tailored plan to meet your needs effectively.”




We grind out the roots, which is as important, as the the stump itself. Anyone can grind out the middle of the stump but the roots is where the lawn war is won. Being able to regrade the lawn to original grade is extremely important to us. We want your lawn to be pitched correctly and drain and look like a stump was never there! Going wider is better and we make sure to chase the roots and grind up the root mound and leave you with a flat area to rebuild to your standard, A blank canvas!

Cleveland, Ohio stump grinding